Theranostica is An Israeli IVD distributor technology-based company whose success lies in its human capital, highly qualified and focused on customer service

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Theranostics refers to process of diagnostic therapy for individual patients. It examines a potential reaction when taking a new medication and as a result adjusting a suitable appropriate therapy based on the test results. Theranostics brings together a wide range of fields: Predictive medicine, Personalized medicine, Integrated medicine, Pharmacy Diagnostics Dx/Rx partnering. This method is considered as the possible end result of new advances realized in Pharmacogenomics, Drug Discovery using Genetics, Molecular Biology and Microarray chips technology. We offer you tools (kits and instruments)  to tailor your treatment or to aide you in your research 

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Unmatched Expertise

We work every day to make diagnostics simple and accessible to everyone so that diseases can be detected early and treated properly

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Our innovative products represent the state of the art science and our rapid tests provide reliable results within minutes

  Beacuse we got one MISSION Being the Israeli leader for in vitro diagnostic solutions, increasing our distribution network through added value creation and company-customer trust.

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Our diagnostics and theranostics products are with high quality, fast & simple and accessible to everyone

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The multi-skilled team is a dedicated and experience professional group responsible for dealing with all the different customers activities in Israeli environment